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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best solution to missing teeth or poor ill-fitting dentures.  A Dental Implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed in the bone, allowing your natural bone to grow around the threads. Thus, becoming the most natural way to replace a missing tooth! The benefit of implants allows for you to look and function just as you did with your natural teeth.  According to the AAOMS (American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons) Dental implants have an overall success rate of about 95%. Our Implant Coordinator is happy to schedule a consultation with you to see if you are a good candidate for Dental Implants, allowing you to make the best decision or to get a second opinion as to what your options are.

Dental Implants

Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars) Removal

The third molars, which are commonly called the wisdom teeth, are typically the last teeth to come in. This typically happens between the ages of 16-22. Because they are the last to erupt, there is often not enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in as they should. When there is not proper space for the wisdom teeth, they may become impacted (unable to fully break through the gum tissues and/ or jaw), or they may grow in at an incorrect angle. Wisdom teeth that do not erupt (or come in) as they should can lead to severe dental problems and pain such as:

  • Not enough space in the mouth for the teeth to erupt naturally
  • Damage to the neighboring teeth and the inability to clean the area properly
  • Infection and swelling in the gums around where the wisdom teeth would like to come in
Wisdom Teeth Removal


It’s not uncommon for a patient to be nervous or anxious about having oral surgery. To make the processes as easy as possible we offer 3 types of sedation in office to make the experience as painless as possible.

General Anesthesia sometimes called being put to sleep is when an IV is placed and the doctor administers medication that will allow you to quickly go to sleep and gives us the ability to monitor and keep you as comfortable as possible. You may not remember any details of your appointment with this type of sedation.  You would need an escort for your treatment appointment and to escort you home.

Nitrous oxide sometimes called laughing gas is a sedative administered with oxygen that is inhaled. It wears off quickly and allows you to relax while having treatment.  The effects wear off immediately after use is discontinued and does not require an escort.

Oral sedation is an oral medication that would be given prior to surgery and taken at home.  This would allow you to be relaxed prior to surgery. You would require an escort for this type of sedation.


3D Imaging or Dental CAT Scan

A dental cat scan is a 3D image that utilizes cone beam CT technology. This allows our surgeons to have the best view of your anatomy, to include bone height and width.  For precise diagnostic and treatment purposes we have an I-Cat at both of our convenient locations.

Dental Scanning

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