Orthodontic Marketing

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Orthodontic Marketing

Orthodontics can be very profitable for any dental clinic. Sadly, most orthodontists will never connect with the people in their communities who could benefit the most from orthodontics. That's why Connect the Doc exists. Our job is to connect orthodontists with individuals who need their services. Even if you live in a small town, most people probably don't even know that you exist. Connect the Doc can make your business more visible in your community. Give us a moment to explain how. But first, consider contacting Connect the Doc for a free consultation and demo: 


How We Make Orthodontists More Visible

Orthodontic marketing is all about local, local, local! If you live and or practice in a city or town that has a population of at least 30k - 50k people, then search engine optimization and paid advertisements might be a viable marketing option for your practice. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your clinic to be found when people in your community search for keyword phrases on Google, like "Orthodontist in _," "Invisalign in _," or "Where to get braces in _." The best part about SEO is that it lasts. Once you are ranked in the top 1-3 results for your targeted keywords, you will likely be there for a long time to come.

Facebook can be a wondrous platform for orthodontists. There simply is no better channel for connecting with your community and generating a steady supply of new leads. Lead generation for orthodontists is a beautiful thing! Once you start getting a stream of new leads, and you convert a few of those leads, the rest of your patients will come by word of mouth. For example, you may gain a new client from your social media or SEO endeavors, and she has a child at home with crooked teeth. Of course, referral generation starts with getting some leads. For that, Connect the Doc can make your practice more visible.

Training Your Front Desk to Convert Leads

SEO, social media, and other forms of digital marketing can be used to help your clinic gain traction and visibility in your community. Once the leads start calling in or stopping by, their first point of contact will always be your front desk. Therefore, you should spare no resources to make sure that your front desk is fully trained in lead conversion and referral generation. Having the right personnel at your front desk will mean that they can screen calls and nurture leads. Invest in your front desk, and your conversion rate will skyrocket!

Get an Experienced Orthodontic Marketing Company on Your Side

Connect the Doc is the experienced marketing agency that you need. There is no reason to fire shots in the dark and try haplessly to generate new leads, only to waste your valuable time and money. Get a pro on your side, and get the job done right. Contact Connect the Doc and receive a free promo and consultation. We'll be waiting to hear from you.


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